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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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that is where a winter weathtrial begins.. a des moines man behind the wheel in a bad accident that killed his passenger will stand trial today in her death. why he says it wasn't his fault and why a judge... not a jury... will decide his fate. safety stamp... two iowa cities are being called the
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tell you where you might want to settle down, and why police there say they're able to keep the streets free of violence. route rework.. why public transportation is the topic of conversation today and how dart is looking to change routes and make the bus more accessible to riders. it's monday february in iowa starts now. it is going to be windy with temperatures falling fast this afternoon. highs will be in the
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cold front is expected to pass through which will once again shift winds toward the north and bring in more clouds. this cold front will be bringing with it a chance for a rain/snow mix. most will fall overnight. snow totals are not expected to exceed 2" in the metro, but could create slick conditions for the morning commute on tuesday. the heaviest snow will fall in ne iowa and that is where a winter weather advisory goes into effect at 6 pm monday to 8 am tuesday.
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i-80 eastbound: road closed due to night time construction work. between douglas avenue and north west 86th street the road is closed because of night time construction work. a detour is in operation using eb douglas, to north on 86th street back to the interstate. from 12:00am cst to 6:00am cst daily. until wednesday, at about 6:00am cst.
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shooting this morning... police say one person showed up to an area hospital with a gunshot wound. the victim told police it happened in the 14-hundred block of east 17th court. he says he was leaving a friend's house when it happened. no word at this point on the victim's name or his condition this morning. police have not determined a suspect. trial begins today for the man involved in a deadly des moines crash. 24 year old troy mure junior is charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving. this is all that was left of his car after he spun out, slamming into a tree,
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killed his passenger and girlfriend, 22-year old scalicity perez. police say he was speeding at the time. they also thought he may have been intoxicated... but those charges were later dropped. mure claims he was being chased and shot at when it all happened... he says he was speeding to get away. this morning he'll face a judge for his bench trial at the polk county courthouse. a norwalk family has a mess to clean up after their sunday evening took a turn for the unexpected. police say the driver of this p-t cruiser took a turn too fast on shady lane drive last night. she ended up running over the stop sign at the corner and slamming into a garage. police say both the driver and her passenger escaped with only minor injuries. the homeowners, along with their son were all inside at the time, but were not harmed. charges are still pending. two inmates are on the run this morning after escaping a newton facility. the department of corrections
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be found during a routine check saturday night. amodeo is serving a 10 year prison sentence, and foley is serving 27. both were convicted on drug- related charges. anyone with information is asked to call 911. the city of ames says it has one of the safest communities in the nation... "i've lived here for 30 years in the same neighborhood, and generally i would say i've never had the perception that violent crime was ever a problem." - recent f-b-i data shows the town has one of the fastest falling crime rates in the country. there was just one homicide in the study's five year span... and overall, violent crime is down 56 percent. city officials say it's thanks to police programs that build strong relationships with residents. but police officers say it's all a cycle, and those programs are only an
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"and so, when we can do that, and we have the time to do that, we can get into the neighborhoods, work with some of the community leaders, work with some of the neighborhood association leaders on trying to solve specific problems in our neighborhoods." - commander jason tuttle - ames police department the study ranked ames as number two in the nation, dubuque was ranked number one. johnston drivers may want to account for a little extra time getting to work this morning.. today, the city is closing northwest 70th avenue for construction. the closure stretches from nw 107th street to nw 98th street... a portion of nw 100th street will also be closed. crews will have a detour to redirect drivers until construction is finished. that isn't expected until late this fall. your bus ride into work may soon look a little different. over the next 3 days, dart is asking for your input on what changes need to be made. josh is live from dart central
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it is going to be windy with temperatures falling fast this afternoon. highs will be in the upper 50s by noon, but another cold front is expected to pass through which will once again shift winds toward the north and bring in more clouds. this cold front will be bringing with it a chance for a rain/snow mix. most will fall overnight. snow totals are not expected to exceed 2" in the metro, but could create slick conditions for the
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heaviest snow will fall in ne iowa and that is where a winter weather advisory goes into effect at 6 pm monday to 8 am tuesday.
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's
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report. then... another canceled launch. why third time was not a charm for the private space company trying to launch a rocket into space. plus... the latest on a weekend kkkk rally that erupted in violence. we'll tell you who officials are
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every year in washington d.c. the usda hosts an agricultural outlook forum. this year is the 92nd and the theme is transforming agriculture. one of the agribusiness report market analysts, dan hueber, was there thursday and friday. he says if you have time for all the meetings, there's something for every part of agriculture. with a database of production and trends dating back to the 1800s this forum takes a different perspective from the usual survey and data releases.
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anything that's presented here are farmer surveys or things of that nature. it's more on let's look at the economics and what's happening today. what future trends could that call for and of course for many in the industry it's always that first point in the year where a little bit of a peek out to what could potentially be happening this year as far as acreage numbers and production numbers, those type of things. same in livestock." hueber says the real value of the usda forums and releases, is he doesn't see any agenda they would have in terms of market prices. having a non-biased source helps out smaller companies dealing with commodities. he says a good economist knows how to hedge bets and that takes a thorough look at what the reports say and don't say. hueber says, "one of the questions asked this morning, of one of the usda economists who actually put out the supply and demand numbers, was recognize that we don't know what's going to happen in the weather yet. we
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authorities are still searching for those involved in a violent california rally... three people were stabbed and several others arrested. today police are searching for this man in connection with the stabbings. police haven't released any other details. authorities say ku klux klan members were confronted by several dozen counter-protesters outside a park where the rally was being held. fighting then broke out in the streets. all of the stabbing victims are expected to recover. just one day remains until the biggest test yet this election cycle... super tuesday gets underway tomorrow... that's when voters in 14- states all choose their pick for president. currently donald trump leads the battle for the republican presidential nomination -- he has 82 delegates.
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marco rubio has 16. 1,237 delegates are needed to secure the g-o-p nomination. for the democrats... hillary clinton leads bernie sanders -- with 544 delagates to his 85. 2,383 delegates are needed to secure the democratic presidential nomination. third time does not appear to be the charm for rocket launches... space-x called off the launch of its falcon-nine rocket again last night... after two similar cancellations in recent days. space-x says hasn't said why they had to cancel. the rocket carries a satellite that would bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia.
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a major slow down is headed for metro drivers... the city of johnston is putting up barricades along a main route this morning. we'll tell where... and just how long you'll have to make do. i-235 @ 63rd trial begins.. a des moines man


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